Environmental lessons lead to grade 3's starting recycling in schools

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Following on from Oasis’ first ever environmental lessons with Grade 1’s at Cosmo City Primary at the beginning of the year we have been doing lessons with Grade 3’s in the same school. After the first series raising awareness to Grade 1’s about how they can look after and appreciate the world around them. The latest with Grade 3 were about reducing and recycling. Starring our very own Captain Planet the lessons got learners to think about how they can reduce, reuse and recycle where they are.

We spoke with them about how amazing new things can be made from things that we normally think are rubbish (they got to make bracelets and origami frogs from old paper) as well as helping them see their own importance. Part of the lessons also introduced recycling to them and as Cosmo City’s recycling facilities are all but non-existent we thought we would start recycling in schools. We started paper recycling last week with the Grade 3 learners and hopef to roll it out to the other grades in the school in the next few weeks. So far the learners have been really keen and filling their boxes faster than we can empty them!

We hope their enthusiasm continues and that we can begin to recycle other waste in the school as well-watch this space!

The Oasis Youth Environment project is made possible through funding from the South African National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund.

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